Fed up with state sanctioned fleecing by private loan sharks? It's payback time and Sallie Mae can now "enjoy" the same stitch up treatment we all have for years. Sallie Mae are shameless rip-off merchants. Isn't there a law against loan sharking in this country?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Watch Your Mouth

FYI- I called Sallie Mae because the last time I called, the operator promised she'd do something and then didn't do it. I told Operator 2 what Operator 1 promised (and I gave him Operator 1's name).

Operator 2 said that he needed to check something and put me on hold for a few seconds. Operator 2 came back to me, obviously reading 1's note of the conversation from the computer. Operator 1's recollection did not quite tally with mine; and Operator 2 took Operator 1's note as gospel.

Obviously, Sallie Mae have a policy to put a note of their conversations with "customers" on their computers. No doubt they include observations as to tone and language! Very convenient as they don't reply to letters!


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