Fed up with state sanctioned fleecing by private loan sharks? It's payback time and Sallie Mae can now "enjoy" the same stitch up treatment we all have for years. Sallie Mae are shameless rip-off merchants. Isn't there a law against loan sharking in this country?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sallie Mae Stunt of the Day

My favorite Sallie Mae experience was when I was faxing them on an almost daily basis with regard to THEIR admin error on my consolidation application. Each faxed letter had all of my contact details including name, SSN, address and home telephone number.

Nevertheless, some nameless tart from Sallie Mae relentlessly started calling my elderly parents at all hours of the day and night asking, "is Dave home". My mom called me and asked if I was having trouble with my student loans. No, only with the shower of muppets at Sallie Mae who refuse to read and answer letters sent by both fax and US Mail!


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