Fed up with state sanctioned fleecing by private loan sharks? It's payback time and Sallie Mae can now "enjoy" the same stitch up treatment we all have for years. Sallie Mae are shameless rip-off merchants. Isn't there a law against loan sharking in this country?

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sallie Mae Stoop to Conquer

Click below to read about Sallie Mae chiselling the disabled and elderly all the way to the Supreme Court. Our learned friends on the bench confirm Sallie Mae's "right" to take their pound of flesh from Social Security payments and out of the pockets of the genuinely poor and infirm in public housing.

Is there no belt below which Sallie Mae won't punch?

But wait...There's more! It appears that it was the Bush Administration and NOT Sallie Mae that ran the case against the 67 year old disabled man. What a fuzzy, heart-warming feeling it gives me to know that MY tax dollars subsidsed Sallie Mae's legal fees too! Is there no fucking end to this!



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