Fed up with state sanctioned fleecing by private loan sharks? It's payback time and Sallie Mae can now "enjoy" the same stitch up treatment we all have for years. Sallie Mae are shameless rip-off merchants. Isn't there a law against loan sharking in this country?

Monday, April 17, 2006

sallie mae can whistle for it

If you want advice on student loans- the answer is DON'T. Get a job and pay your way. I'm sick of rip-off interest, little schyster tricks like "we never received your deferment form..."

Sallie mae will do anything to ratchet up costs. Who do you complain to? Why Sallie mae, of course. Do you really thing anyone at the Federal regulatory level (Department of Education) is going to get off their ass to do anything?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope these heartless buttholes get what is coming to them. Ive been harrassed at work so much that I had to assure them that I will be recording their calls if they dont cut it out. Guess what? Since then, they're stopped all phone calls. This loan company was sold as being a credible organization, not the blood sucking low lives they really are. As a desperate student who wanted so badly to obtain a bachelor's degree, I jumped on the band wagon. I rather had not taken one red cent from them if I would have known what I'd be dealing with right now.

7:04 AM


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