Fed up with state sanctioned fleecing by private loan sharks? It's payback time and Sallie Mae can now "enjoy" the same stitch up treatment we all have for years. Sallie Mae are shameless rip-off merchants. Isn't there a law against loan sharking in this country?

Monday, May 08, 2006

Sallie Mae's Success Too Costly

The story's out: Sallie Mae ruins lives. Now is the time for America to wake up and care.


Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Sallie Mae: Flogging a Dead Horse

The mainstream news is finally catching on to what we've known all along. Sallie Mae Student Loans bring back the true meaning of mortgage.


Sunday, April 23, 2006

Watch Your Mouth

FYI- I called Sallie Mae because the last time I called, the operator promised she'd do something and then didn't do it. I told Operator 2 what Operator 1 promised (and I gave him Operator 1's name).

Operator 2 said that he needed to check something and put me on hold for a few seconds. Operator 2 came back to me, obviously reading 1's note of the conversation from the computer. Operator 1's recollection did not quite tally with mine; and Operator 2 took Operator 1's note as gospel.

Obviously, Sallie Mae have a policy to put a note of their conversations with "customers" on their computers. No doubt they include observations as to tone and language! Very convenient as they don't reply to letters!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sallie Mae Stunt of the Day

My favorite Sallie Mae experience was when I was faxing them on an almost daily basis with regard to THEIR admin error on my consolidation application. Each faxed letter had all of my contact details including name, SSN, address and home telephone number.

Nevertheless, some nameless tart from Sallie Mae relentlessly started calling my elderly parents at all hours of the day and night asking, "is Dave home". My mom called me and asked if I was having trouble with my student loans. No, only with the shower of muppets at Sallie Mae who refuse to read and answer letters sent by both fax and US Mail!

Sallie Mae Sharp Practice: Part Deux

Sallie Mae "selling" off debt for pennies on the dollar to wholly owned subsidaries? That way, they can write off bad loans, take the tax credit for doing so, sell them to junior companies that they own as well for pennies. The junior companies make huge profits, and Sallie Mae appears to keep their hands clean!

Sallie Mae Stoop to Conquer

Click below to read about Sallie Mae chiselling the disabled and elderly all the way to the Supreme Court. Our learned friends on the bench confirm Sallie Mae's "right" to take their pound of flesh from Social Security payments and out of the pockets of the genuinely poor and infirm in public housing.

Is there no belt below which Sallie Mae won't punch?

But wait...There's more! It appears that it was the Bush Administration and NOT Sallie Mae that ran the case against the 67 year old disabled man. What a fuzzy, heart-warming feeling it gives me to know that MY tax dollars subsidsed Sallie Mae's legal fees too! Is there no fucking end to this!


Even the Stockmarket Analysts Think Sallie Mae Stink!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Truth Will Out: Sallie Mae's Tentacles Will Suffocate US All


Sallie Mae Ripping Off Students, Graduates AND the Federal Government

We knew it all along! Sallie mae ripping off both poor hardworking students AND the federal government.

Can't pay- won't pay. http://www.tedkennedy.com/journal/149/student-loan-abuse-coverage-on-cnn

Sallie Mae Sharp Practice

How is it that this private company is able to carry out a government function without any regard for proper business practices? Student Loan schysters!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Sallie Mae Call Center student loan hell

The best part about SM is their customer (indentured servant) care. You will be put straight through to Calcutta where a clueless muppet with incomprehensible English will assist. Would you rather write them a letter and have Sallie Mae give you the courtesy of a written response? Get Real! Sallie Mae don't do paper-trails!

Volunteer for Iraq rather than Sallie Mae Student Loan

Sallie Mae are a bunch of fucking wankers

that says it all really.

sallie mae can whistle for it

If you want advice on student loans- the answer is DON'T. Get a job and pay your way. I'm sick of rip-off interest, little schyster tricks like "we never received your deferment form..."

Sallie mae will do anything to ratchet up costs. Who do you complain to? Why Sallie mae, of course. Do you really thing anyone at the Federal regulatory level (Department of Education) is going to get off their ass to do anything?